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5 Popular Antifungal Dog Shampoos

Skin problems are common issues in dogs, cats, or other pets. Such issues are actually easy to prevent, as long as you regularly bath your pets with the proper shampoos or soaps. After all, cleanliness is the key to healthy life. The following are some popular antifungal dog shampoos you can easily find in the market.

1. Malaseb Pet Shampoo by DVM Pharmaceuticals (16.9-Ounce)

This pet shampoo is a combination of antifungal and antimicrobial ingredients to help you to get rid of fungi, yeast, and ringworm from your pet’s skin. There are two main ingredients used in this shampoo including Miconazole Nitrate and Chlorhexadine Gluconate.

Miconazole Nitrate is an Imadazole antifungal agent to fight against yeast, fungi, and various ringworm species. On the other hand, Chlorhexadine Gluconate is specifically included to help to get rid of bacteria. This shampoo does not contain fragrance and it does not cause hair loss problem.

Malaseb shampoo

2. EQyss Micro-Tek Medicated Pet Shampoo by EQyss (16-Ounce)

EQyss pet shampoo

It is a super concentrated shampoo containing anti-itch formula. It is safe to use on dogs, cats, and even puppies. The formula can help to alleviate most skin problems in pets caused by seborrhea, fungal, ringworm, bacteria, and more. Some of the most important ingredients include triclosan, fragrance, and extracts of aloe vera.

3. Universal Medicated Shampoo by Vet Solutions (16 oz)

Vet Medicated Shampoo

This shampoo is basically a soluble sulfur formulation, which acts as antibacterial and antifungal solution. It can be regarded as all-in-one shampoo that is ideal for cats and dogs. For the best result, you can use the shampoo routinely once a week.

4. Enzymatic Rinse by Zymox

Zymox shampoo

It is one of the safest antifungal dog shampoos in the market. The formula is gentle enough even for kittens and puppies, yet it contains antibacterial and antifungal ingredients.

The good thing is that Enzymatic Rinse by Zymox does not contain detergents, pesticides, or coloring substances. Those chemical-based ingredients are indeed dangerous simply because they can cause skin tags and other skin problems. The addition of chemical-based ingredients may bring higher risk of skin problems instead of healing the symptoms.

5. ChlorHex 2X 4% Shampoo by Vedco (8 oz)

Vedco dog shampoo

One of the most popular antifungal dog shampoos is ChlorHex 2X 4% by Vedco. The main reason is that the shampoo contains specifically formulated antimicrobial agent and emollients for the most effective therapeutic effect. Furthermore, it is not only for dog with skin problems, but also for normal dogs. This is for topical use only on cats, dogs, and horses.